• Delta Bogart Group chose Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma) as the ideal manufacturing platform to expand and support the challenges that face the active and potential customers of Bogart Lingerie.
  • After decades of ostracism, Myanmar is emerging as an enthusiastic country in full transformation eager to be an active player in the global trading chain of the 21st Century.
  • Bogart Yangon Ltd. started bulk production in January 2013. Present factory: Located in Yangon. 2 plants. 1,900 employees
  • Myanmar is a Least Developed Country (LDC) with General System of Preferences (GSP) status for duty-free imports in European Union, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, Korean, China. Expected in USA.
  • Bogart Myanmar has the same standards and can produce the same product categories as any other factory of Bogart.
  • Set up with Molding Prevention facilities.


  • Our vision it create a social benchmark factory for development and positive impact in the Community.
  • Bogart Yangon enjoys a cross-cultural management, local and from different nationalities, to better service Bogart Lingerie customers from all over the world.
  • Future Training Centre supported by the European Community.
  • Seminars and Training with SMART (ONG with the support of German funds) and the I.L.O.
  • Supportive of “Women’s Cafés” initiative to improve women’s lives in S.E. Asia.
  • Company policies in accordance with E.T.I. (Ethical Trading Initiative)
  • Accredited with Golden WRAP Certificate.